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Iconic Architects Take On . . . Whatever They Want!

Two projects — one in the planning stage, one recently completed — demonstrate that starchitects are not above taking on projects that might seem improbable to the casual fan of art and design, given their usual high-profile gigs.

The one Canada is excited about is, of all things, an ice-fishing warming hut! Now that you’ve seen Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim in Bilbao, and enjoyed a concert or two at his famed Disney Hall, it’s time to grab your fishing gear and set out for Winnipeg. After an open call for submissions was announced this month, Gehry threw his hat into the ring, and will now join four others in designing $10,000 shacks for Warming Huts v.2012: An Art + Architecture Competition on Ice, organized by Manitoba’s Forks North Portage Partnership. Each team will consist of architects and/or landscape architects who will be paired with an artist. (Don’t forget your down parka!)

Another amazing new project sits quietly tucked in the French countryside, below Le Corbusier’s famous chapel at Ronchamp. It’s Renzo Piano’s new convent, created for the Poor Clare Sisters, and it was a long fought, controversial addition to the landscape. The beautiful result is respectful of both the environment and Le Corbusier’s national monument.