• Celebrate Los Angeles!

    L.A. is taking its rightful place as the designated arts destination this year — and into the foreseeable future — with Pacific Standard Time, a celebration of the Los Angeles arts scene from 1945 through 1980, involving over 60 cultural institutions throughout the city and beyond. The party stretches all the way from Santa Barbara down to San Diego!

    To see what’s happening, visit the official website: pacificstandardtime.org. You can experience everything from the rise of printmaking in SoCal (Norton Simon Museum), to the amazing life history and work of the iconic Beatrice Wood (Santa Monica Museum).

    In our next issue, ARTExpress will focus on Los Angeles and the SoCal scene, so as you visit and re-visit these fabulous exhibitions and events you’ll be up-to-the-minute on where best to dine, stay, shop, and more . . . Stay tuned!

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